Choosing the Best IT Company

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choosingsupportSelecting an IT Consulting Company: Tips for Making the Best Choice

Information Technology companies provide businesses with IT advice. However, not all of them provide good advice, and consulting with one that does not could be a nightmare for your business. If the company proposes the wrong solution, your business could lose more than investment capital; it could also lose productivity, or even the ability to protect its data.

Selecting the right consultant is one of the most important decisions a business can make. If your business needs the help of one, the tips below will help you find one that offers the good advice: is a good choice, when choosing the best IT company.

Choose a Consultant Who Specializes in What You Need

Some businesses assume that such a consultant has expertise in all areas of Information Technology, which is like assuming a lawyer can handle any legal case. In reality, consultants have areas they specialize in, areas they are proficient in, and areas where they lack proficiency. If you need a particular solution, choose a consultant who has experience providing that solution.

Choose a Consultant Who Offers Managed Solutions

Implementing software programs on an in-house model is becoming less popular, and for a good reason: implementing them on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model is less expensive, and it often results in better performance from the program, as the provider always keeps the program up to date.

Data storage is another area where managed solutions can save you money. Instead of maintaining your own servers offsite, you can place your encrypted data on the storage servers of a managed IT support provider.

Choose a Consultant Who Listens to Your Problem

You can think of these consultants as doctors who diagnose computer, network, or peripheral problems. If the consultant does not listen to the symptoms of the problem, a wrong diagnosis can be made.

Consultants who are poor listeners often recommend a solution without asking detailed questions – a sign of incompetence that some companies mistake for a sign of expertise. If a current professional seems to know the solution to a problem before you adequately describe it, find a consultant who will listen.

Choose a Consultant Who Stands Firm on the Optimal Solution

Those who care about their reputation will not sell you a sub-par solution. Instead, they will stand firm on providing you the solution that truly meets your needs. Sometimes, this steadfastness is mistaken for something it is not: the desire to make money by pushing a certain solution. On the contrary, consultants who are only out to make money are usually willing to sell a business anything.

Choose a Consultant Who has Strong References

Consultants receive most of their clients based on the strength of their references. So, be sure to ask a consultant for several references to current or former clients whose situation was similar to yours. Before you speak with the references, develop a list of questions that target what you need to know about the consultant.


Choosing the right Information Technology consultant is an important decision, and the tips above can help you make the right choice. With the right IT consulting company on its side, your business can experience increased success through managed IT support and other crucial services.

Choosing an IT consulting company that offers managed IT support is an excellent way to receive high quality, affordable IT solutions.

Moving To The Cloud

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When looking for cloud hosting solutions, finding the right provider is key. The reason for this is because private cloud hosting requires critical infrastructure and a thorough knowledge of technology. You can count on Pay Per Cloud and their private cloud services to meet all your data needs and be your long term provider. When you do choose Pay Per Cloud as your cloud based provider you can be sure you are getting all the latest updates along with the infrastructure to support your ever changing business needs.

Going with private cloud hosting services can be good for your bottom line, as shown at, as the cost in general is not as much as some enterprise solutions. With Pay Per Cloud you get reliable and consistent service to provide your customers the best possible experience. Once you do move to the cloud you should understand that all your information will be stored non-locally on the systems they maintain, so critical backups of your main files should be done on a continual bases.

It is never a good idea to solely rely on any one storage method, and the people who do often find this out the hard way if they ever lose their data through undesirable circumstances. Keep backups of your most important files prior to working with a cloud based provider, to ensure you keep your sensitive data intact. One of the key benefits of being in a private cloud is the decreased requirements on your own servers, and the overall increase in speed that it can provide for businesses in some cases through the networking of various services.

Each cloud hosting solution is different, but Pay Per Cloud provides ample storage space for all your sensitive files. They also provide custom options for networking and communication when it comes to your business, and can give you increased access to the people you need to talk to most. If you need a solid and reliable cloud based solution, Pay Per Cloud provides exactly what you need. The prices for these services are quite affordable, and almost any business can benefit from these solutions.

Communication From the Cloud

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When it comes to small business, it is very important for you to protect all of your data. The last thing you want is for your information to go missing over the Internet or for your hard drive to crash. Do to this, one of the very best storage methods available to you use through the utilization of a cloud service. Cloud storage services is similar to an email account, as you are able to upload data directly to the account, and with the appropriate password and user-name, you are able to gain access to the data anywhere in the world, as long as there is some sort of of an Internet connection. This means, it doesn’t matter if you are on a desktop computer or a smartphone, you have the means to access the data. You are even able to directly communicate over the cloud service. This makes going with a serviceable cloud company essential, otherwise you are going to be spending far too much money on a service that you just are not going to get the necessary content out of.

When it comes to a cloud service, you need to have a healthy cloud services, such as, who is able to provide you with all of the necessary services. Your business is of top priority and you need to have access to the computer information, regardless of your current location. This means, whether you are at home or at the office, you must have the ability to view the data and to communicate with others in the office. The cloud communication service allows you to do exactly this. IntelePeer is able to give you a large number of services, all of which you are able to take advantage of. The three main features are CoreCloud Services, CloudWorx Platform and Cloud communications. If you are interested in connected to other individuals over your cloud network, you are able to do just this with the Internet based voice and data communications. This way, you can take advantage of the VoIP and other similar services. This allows you to save money over what a traditional phone company is going to charge you. By saving money with your business you are able to slash the price of your expenditures and put the money back into your company be reinvesting the funds. This way, you can expand faster, all thanks to a cloud service.

What To Do When Disaster Strikes

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When recovery time to operations (RTO) requires a better disaster recovery as service (DRaaS) service, VaultScape ‘bare metal backup and recovery’ (BMBR) products are the right choice.

IT specialists looking to shorten RTO will like BMBR for its ability to back up and restore services, networked infrastructure and discretionary database files in far less time than traditional disaster recovery options. DRaaS has advanced the level of RTO response with new ‘BMBR’ applications. Restoration from CD-ROM availed BMBR type processing, yet with web based applications DRaaS, the time to recovery is significantly reduced.

BMBR saved substantial time in discrete file recovery due to the fact that restoration takes place at the disk image level. BMBR wrote disk content sequentially, so that I/O channels are open for updating directory information, etc. on each file. With DRaaS the cost of BMBR is reduced. The entrance of software application as service (SaaS) imposed a new dimension within integrated network operations. The innovation of DRaaS solutions has increased the competency of RTO in organizations, for instance, so that down time due to systems failure does not interfere with profits.

The security benefits of DRaaS illustrate how far information systems management and RTO of infrastructural components have come. When businesses by the architecture to an enterprise system, the last thing they want is to spend money and time recovering data. The investment in DRaaS solutions is one way that information assets and key productivity can be protected in the long run. Moreover, standardization in BMBR with DRaaS ensures that all levels of a network from infrastructure to user applications management are compatible.

Workstation RTO is also estimated in DRaaS application of BMBR. Commercial bare-metal backup recovery software deploy back up to hard disks. With cloud computing system, more users are backing up data to web based SaaS solutions. The transfer of BMBR from hard disks and tape drives to DRaaS providers means that no more difficulty matching HD capacities. Systems backup continues to be a vital step in recovery strategies.

The immediacy and tangibility of BMBR is often critical to security provisions within IT procedure and protocols to recovery in organizations. Disks and tapes were once the sole solution to data recovery. replaces traditional BMBR. Join the next generation in RTO with DRaaS solutions. Subscription to service provider cloud computing partnership agreements signals that BMBR has finally met its match in virtual recovery systems.

Where to Host Your Website

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It seems like everyone has his or her own website today. Look hard enough and you can even find websites for pet cats and turtles. I’m not suggesting that the pets made their own website but it has become such a simple task to do so, that even a child can have a rudimentary website online.

While designing a website is a very important task and time and effort should be applied to making it look amazing, it’s not the only thing to consider. A website has to be hosted, or stored on a computer server so that any user on the Internet can access it. That’s simply the basics of website design and usage. There is a logical hierarchy and structure to the Internet and hosting is an integral part.

There are specialized groups and companies who make it their business to host a website on their server. Their job is to ensure that the hosted website of an individual or an institution is always accessible to the World Wide Web. They’ll provide the space upon their server, and a package of additional extras, dependent upon the hosting package that is purchased.

It gets a lot more complicated, with options for scripting, and programming languages that allow for a certain amount of server-side interactivity with the web pages. Other options for web hosting packages include, a control panel to help automate common tasks such as file transfer settings and email accounts.

Another popular web hosting option, is Reselling web hosting, which enables the account owner to create their own hosting options for another user. A portion of the account holders space and bandwidth is allocated to a third party user. By doing this, the account user actually has the option of making a profit from selling their own bandwidth.

Pay Per Cloud is one such web host, offering affordable and attractive hosting packages. They pride themselves on maintaining a high-quality service, with a friendly technical support department always ready and able to resolve the problems of a customer. Their comprehensive services offer a wealth of options that will satisfy any customer. It’s truly a dependable place to host a website that’s passed through many hours of development. And a potential customer can be certain that all the standard programming and database options, such as MySQL and PHP, will be at hand and easy to manage.

Do You Know About SIP Trunks

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Virtual meeting have never been easier for companies with existing communications networks. Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunking features allow SIP providers, like IntelePeer to advanced video and voice conferencing. SIP software application as system (SaaS) integration now also offers instant messaging, multi-platform web conferencing and cloud computing driven data exchange. Companies interested in real time IP communication platforms will find that SOAP and XML maximize return on investment (ROI) in any enterprise systems communications strategy.

Most SIP networks use established Web protocols (HTTP and HTML) for ready installation of new application to an infrastructure. Open standard protocols make integration to legacy systems expedient. SIP Trunking improves capabilities in converged voice and video services so that organizations can optimize performance of PBX systems. SIP Trunking uses available bandwidth to synthesize all media transmission. SIP signaling transfers the data to messages from PBX or UC system to the recipient by way of the provider network.

IP servers, SIP trunk, gateways or traditional analog or TDM-based connections can transfer the series of signaling packets. With SIP provision there is more flexibility in use of bandwidth. Batch jobs can be controlled to reduce expenditure during idle capacity. IP WAN connection assists to merge IP video conferencing and instant messaging with other SaaS driven applications for total enterprise operations integration.

SIP automation promotes effectiveness and efficiency in value chain operations from the standpoint of IT enterprise systems management. Speed of work flow is increased with SIP automation and orchestration. One of the most affordable SaaS infrastructure options on the market, SIP providers contribute to streamlining businesses with IP protocol communications architecture. The number one mechanism for enterprise systems business processing management, SIP provider networks extend user value with and cloud computing partnerships.

Mobile apps support of portable media competencies enables stakeholders to contact anywhere. Data storage of SIP record and sharing with network partners in a designated partner network improves performance. With SIP installation, companies are doing more than building a communications bridge, they are enhancing profit. For better ROI on communications, SIP leads the way in Internet SaaS multimedia services. SIP solutions add value to the equation of network transfer of information.

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and software application as system (SaaS) offer competitive advantage at the most reasonable cost. For more information about installation and maintenance of converged communications enterprise networks, visit IT communities online for feedback and suggestions about how benefit from SIP trunking.

O’Reilly’s new RIA Blog

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Having spent time following some of the latest trends in rich internet applications I’m really excited to see how this blog turns out.

A blog like this has been missing from the landscape to my knowledge. There are plenty of blogs on modern web application design and development, however, the topic of RIA implementations seems to polarize the industry into 2 camps: AJAX vs. Flash (Flex, Silverlight). The first few posts on Inside RIA include information on both Flex and Flash, however, there is also an interesting article on server-side JavaScript.

XMPP Roundup

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As I mentioned in a previous post  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about alternative service architectures to support Internet based communication. At one point I went so far as to consider rekindling my love for ACE to maybe build one myself. I certainly took a good look (one that’s not necessarily finished yet) at BlazeDS due to the fact that I’ve been playing with AIR using Flex lately.

Another thing that caught my eye is recent developments and buzz around XMPP. You may be most familiar with it as the protocol that powers Jabber (and GTalk, as it is based on Jabber). I thought I would use this post as a link source of some of the stuff I have found on XMPP, Jabber and ejabberd to highlight it’s potential uses.

Good starting points:

  • Could Instant Messaging (XMPP) Power the Future of Online Communication? (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Is XMPP the ‘Next Big Thing’ (Slashdot)
  • ntroducing the XMPP application server: The Twitter example (Process One)
  • XMPP (a.k.a. Jabber) is the future for cloud services (jivetalks)

XMPP appears to have it all:

  • Distributed (cloud) services, secure within the individual entry points.
  • The promise to end all the hacks to make the web work, not how it was meant to, but how we choose to use it.
  • Controlled scalability
  • The end of service polling.
  • Growing support from Apple, Google, IBM and others.

As a developer, architect or even technologist this is something that should not be ignored. Topics like The Semantic Web and Web 3.0 (?!?!) abound, here’s a topic that has all the makings of the next big Internet thing

XML Comments for Web Services (VS 2005)

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Recently I needed to add XML comments to a web services project and realized it’s not as easy as for other projects. Thanks Derek for helping out, here’s how I did it.

In the web.config:

Version=, Culture=neutral,


This provides building of xml comment files on build of the project (in this case the xml file is called xmldoc.xml in the main project directory, you can change to whatever you like). Note that I have some specific requirements for this build but in most cases you can safely remove the /nowarn switch within compiler options.

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